Welcome to GMRS

Professionally managed immigration consultancy in Qatar

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    Welcome to GMRS

    Professionally managed immigration consultancy in Qatar

    About Us

    Every day we strive hard to make your life better by exploring numerous possibilities of how best we can help you migrate to your dream destination. GMRS Consultants are headquartered in Qatar, we provide choice-based migration & resettlement solutions for people and families of all walks of life. Our success stories range from skilled professionals to businessmen to students and even holiday enthusiasts.

    Immigration Services

    We make the immigration process simpler, Our primary goal is to provide immigration all over the world.


    General Skilled Migration Program is the pathway for skilled professionals to emigrate.


    Find out more about the Canadian system for applying to become a permanent resident.


    Become a permanent resident of Europe by opting for a suitable program for your family.

    Caribbean Islands

    Choose freedom by opting for faster routes to citizenship through Investment programs.


    Enjoy the privileges and freedom of being a citizen of your dream country.


    Enjoy the peace of mind and benefits as permanent residents in your dream country.

    Immigration consultant who puts you first.

    Looking for an Immigration consultant with a heart and mind where “You are the first priority” then you are on the right website.

    Our Services

    We provide need-based migration & resettlement solutions for individuals and families from all walks of life. Welcome to a good life.

    Skilled Immigration

    Welcome to the world-class standard of living, education, social benefits & great career opportunities.

    Citizenship Programs

    Become a global citizen with visa-free travel, taxation advantage, and a gateway of numerous opportunities.

    Residency Programs

    Befriend a higher standard of life; a better quality of life with business opportunities knocking at your doorstep.

    Other Visas

    Avail of the quality service of business Visa, study visa, and tourist visa helping you save time & effort.

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