Portugal was the pioneer in introducing the Golden Visa program, as a part of European Union Portugal is an ideal choice for investment and future prospects for becoming EU citizens. Portugal has various service industries & the government is very proactive in providing a good environment for business. Family life is very good in Portugal. Capital of Portugal is Lisbon.

Portugal Residency Benefits

  • Residency in 6 months*
  • Travel visa-free in Schengen Area
  • Retain your current citizenship
  • Only one week stay in Portugal per year
  • Multiple investment options
  • Apply citizenship after five years


Golden Visa

Portugal is one of the most attractive countries in the world and attracts more and more international real estate buyers every year in recent years.

This international trend continues, and Portuguese buyers are also returning to the market. Portugal has quickly become the preferred destination for real estate investors. In 2019, more than half of all real estate transactions in Portugal were purchased by foreigners.

Many other nationalities are also attracted by Portugal’s assets, namely a quality of life, a still authentic setting, a gentle way of life, a very attractive cost of living, and increasingly cosmopolitan cities. It is these strengths, driven by the strength of the real estate market, that have made Portugal the ideal place in Europe and the world to live or invest.

Real estate investment starts at only Euro 280,000 plus taxes & fee.

Business Set Up

There are options available to set up business in Portugal and apply for residency. If you’re thinking of starting a business in Portugal or becoming self-employed as a foreign resident, you’ll need to understand the business climate for start-ups in Portugal, what types of registered companies you can set up, and what the process is for becoming self-employed. A feasible business plan and employment generation for locals will be essential in your planning to apply for residency.


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