Dominica is a mountainous island in the Caribbean as a part of the Windward islands chain in the Lesser Antilles. This “Nature Island” has gained popularity for its waterfalls, rainforests, hot springs, cultural heritage, wildlife, stable political environment, and strong economy, which raised the demand for Dominica citizenship. Being a part of the following global communities, this sovereign nation brings international recognition: 

  • Commonwealth of Nations
  • The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie 
  • the United Nations
  • the Organization of American States
  • the Non-Aligned Movement
  • the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States  

So, if you are also one of those individuals who want to acquire Dominica citizenship, continue reading this blog that will provide useful insights. 

Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI): Requirements

The CBI program in Dominica has existed since 1993, which allows foreign investors to become citizens through contributional financial investment. Along with boosting foreign capital, the country’s economy and national infrastructure also benefit the investors. This program provides you the various investment options for obtaining citizenship, which can be passed on to your children. The following are the options through which you can attain Dominica citizenship by Investment:

1) Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

The Economic Diversification Fund is a government initiative that supports socio-economic aspects that positively contribute towards national development. By investing in EDF, you can positively impact Dominica’s growth by financing both public and private projects like building institutes, hospitals, technology industries, etc. Thus, resulting in attaining the citizenship of Dominica.

2) Real Estate 

Real Estate is another option to acquire dominica citizenship by investment program. Here, the investor can purchase the already approved property and can sell the same after holding it for a minimum time period, i.e., 3-5 years. This shows the potential for long-term returns through property appreciation or rental income.

After knowing the options of CBI, let’s find out the following requirements of Dominica citizenship by Investment:

Required Documents

  • You must have the complete disclosure form.
  • The fingerprint and photograph form needs to be filled in the presence of an officer.
  • The medical certificate and questionnaire should be sealed and signed by a professional medical examiner.
  • Ensure you have the Sales and purchase agreement along with the investment agreement.
  • Birth certificates, colored passport copies, marriage/divorce, and name change documents are also required.
  • Make sure you have the bank statement of a whole year a proof of your income source.
  • Other CBI-requested documents will also be needed.


Individuals above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for this program. Applicants with good health and a clean criminal record must have sufficient financial resources to apply for one of the two CBI options. This program also covers the whole family and includes the following eligibility:

  • Your spouse can easily apply for Dominica citizenship.
  • Children under the age of 18.
  • Your parents over the age of 65 who are financially dependent on you. 

It should be noted that the adult member must prove that you financially support them. 

Application Process For Dominica Citizenship By Investment

Immigration consultants can help you in the application process for Dominica citizenship by Investment, which roughly takes a few months. To know how to get citizenship in Dominica, view the following steps of this process:

1) Seek The Help Of Consultants :
Applying for the citizenship of Dominica by yourself is impossible as this country only accepts applications made through an agent. So, you must seek the assistance of consultants who, through their expertise and Immigration services, can make this process easy for you.

2) Due Diligence As  An Initial Step:
Conducting initial due diligence by gathering the financial information and doing proper background checks is what immigration consultants do. They work towards assessing whether you are eligible for the program or not. 

3) Prepare The Necessary Documents:
 You must gather all the necessary documents as per the program’s requirements, whether they are educational certificates, bank reference letters, etc. 

4) Escrow And Government Requirements:Making a financial commitment to your chosen investment option is required before applying. It ensures that you have met the legal conditions. 

5) Submit The Due Diligence fees.:
Ensure that you have submitted the due diligence fees, which are based on the age and the number of the applicants. This fee is for the background check, which verifies that you comply with Dominica’s standards.

6) Application Submission:
The next step is where your Immigration Consultant will submit your application along with all documents and wait for approval by the Dominica citizenship by Investment Unit.

7) Approval Of application: 
Once your application is approved, you must submit the fees to prove your commitment to investment and pay the fees for your application. 

8) Passport Issuance After Signing The Oath Of Allegiance :
After the final approval of your application, you must sign the Oath Of Allegiance, a pledge of loyalty and commitment to Dominica. This will lead to the issuing of your Dominica passport and a certificate of naturalization.  

Now that you are aware of how to get citizenship of Dominica, let’s understand how it differs from other Caribbean countries.

How Dominica Citizenship Differ From Other Caribbean Countries

Acquiring Dominica citizenship is much easier and beneficial as it does not require your physical presence during the application process. Let’s view other benefits of Dominica citizenship before exploring how it differs from Caribbean countries:

  • It gives you access to a 10-year B-1/B-2 visa to the United States.
  • Allows Dual citizenship, which gives you the right to hold other passports as well.
  • Provides security in case of emergencies. For instance, if you or your family has to leave the country urgently, the Dominica passport will allow you to open accounts in European banks. 

Now. let’s figure out how Dominica’s citizenship is different than other Caribbean Countries:


Dominica Citizenship

Other Caribbean Countries

Application Processing Time duration the application gets processed within 3-6 months Can Take longer than 12 months 
Minimum Residency No minimum Residency Minimum residency might be required, i.e., you must spend a few days in a particular country every year.
Tax  No tax on foreign income, capital gains, wealth, and inheritance  This may vary as some countries might have different tax regimes
Visa Free Travel Allows visa-on-arrival or visa-free travel to over 137 countries The visa-free destinations may vary 
Minimum Investment Amount the minimum investment amount is lower  the minimum investment amount is higher
Dependence on Tourism less dependent on tourism more dependent on tourism

Final Word

Dominica offers a peaceful life to approximately 72,000 people and is home to many indigenous communities. The facilities this sovereign nation offers are among the top nations regarding life quality. Well, you can easily become a citizen with the help of Immigration Consultants who can take over the entire application process for your convenience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact GMRS Consultants and turn your dream of relaxing in the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” into a reality!