Migration is an essential aspect of the human race, ever since migration has been an integral part of global discoveries in terms of new continents and countries. Although we all seem familiar with this jargon, if not at least everyone has heard it from someone in our circle; in modern days, this has only become more relevant and popular among all generations. Each year, migration becomes more relevant and popular among all ages, whether students, entrepreneurs, or investors.

Migration programs are available in various options. Suppose your profile is qualifying for any program of your choice of the country. In that case, you can apply and get a chance to get permanent residency and, in most cases, even citizenship after a certain period. Canada & Australia are the top choices of Skilled Professionals; both countries have point-based systems, and the suitable assessment and application submission can make one’s dreams come true. Europe is facing a severe shortage of skilled professionals & trade workers due to the Covid pandemic impact. European work permits are in high demand as a result, and lots of options are available through GMRS Consultancy.

High net worth individuals (HNIs) and people in business who travel a lot need hassle-free travel. They always look for better options available; now they have plenty of opportunities to apply under investor programs, starting from owning their own business in foreign lands or buying real estate properties in their choice of a country which can get them to access the visa-free travel facilities. Many countries are happy to invite HNIs to settle there and enjoy tax waivers on income outside their country and zero tax liability on the inheritance of wealth. World-class living standards, social security, medical facilities, and world-class education systems are part of the list of benefits of such programs.

Sanjay Singh, Managing Director at GMRS Consultancy, explains that Coronavirus Pandemic and its aftermath have fueled the demand for immigration programs worldwide. As a result, applications have been raised to the next level. There is a high demand for immigration programs inquiries and subsequent applications irrespective of the coronavirus pandemic situation, as people are constantly looking for better opportunities for their families.

Students prefer to study in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA. Entrepreneurs are looking towards Canada, USA & Europe for business opportunities. HNIs are looking for residency and visa-free travel under Caribbean island programs known as CIP. Some popular programs are Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis & Grenada. The unique part of some of these programs is that one can add their dependent siblings & children under 30 years of age in a single application, while most of these programs allow old parents under the single application.

Mastering the disciplines of immigration consulting involves highly specialized skills. GMRS Consultancy offers immigration programs for anyone looking to take advantage of such programs. GMRS Consultancy is a brainchild of Founders Sanjay Singh and Mohammad Khwaja; both are part of the dedicated team of professionals based at Old Airport Road, Doha. At GMRS, we are a team of veterans from the immigration industry and always serve with high integrity and knowledge-backed services. We are ethically working to offer result-oriented options to everyone.