Immigrating to Canada can be a complicated process – there are many red tape hoops, convoluted paperwork, and terrible wait times for interviews. While it sounds like applying for Canadian immigration is a full-time job, not everything is lost! Let us help you bring your application to a smooth sailing experience!


Why is Immigration Slower and Costlier in Canada?

Canada is the most successful country in terms of the immigration market. However, it does not enjoy the same advantages as its competitors like the US because of its long bureaucratic procedure and expensive expense for inspections. When compared to other countries, it’s harder and costlier to immigrate to Canada. You’re given shorter waits when investigating sponsorship, but you have a nearly impossible time finding qualified applicants. When you do find the right person or family, that’s not the end of the worries. The government can refuse applications with little to greater or no explanation. If your application is accepted despite the extensive review, they might make changes along the way before they approve your case.


Act Fast to Push Your Case Forward

A lot of things: expedited service and offers, shifting as much of your work back onto the Canadian company’s shoulders, setting up your application so it’s easier to get approved. This blog offers some helpful advice on how you can speed up your immigration process. It covers everything from taking shortcuts like hiding certain information or appealing on a compassionate basis to figuring out if you should reconsider applying for another country’s citizenship. It may be tempting to wait until the last minute to get prepared for your Canadian immigration process. However, if you want a faster interview, you might need to take more steps beforehand! Knowing what to do and when to do it can speed up your immigration process. There are many options available depending on the circumstances of your case: hiring immigration agents, chartered assessors, or expert consultants. Knowing which type of help you need and doing it early are key factors in making sure your application appears before its due date.


Choose an immigration lawyer with a proven track record

Practicing law before starting a solo practice takes the stress out of getting your business going. These lawyers have already emerged from a rigorous process through which they demonstrated their worth to save you the potentially expensive and time-consuming challenges that come with navigating Canadian immigration. Hire a lawyer with a proven track record to ensure your application goes through quickly and smoothly. The immigration process can be extremely confusing and time-consuming, so it’s important to have an expert on your side while applying for the highest level of citizenship you’re eligible for There are a number of ways to speed up the process of Canadian immigration. The best way to do this is to choose and trust an Immigration lawyer with a proven track record. Choose one that has helped many people achieve their dreams on time and successfully. Immigrating to Canada is not always easy even if you are qualified. There are strict immigration laws and cases of time, so it is important that you speak to an experienced immigration lawyer before proceeding with your application.


Polish up your resumé

If you’re waiting on Canadian immigration, you need to do your best to shorten the wait. This can be done by polishing up your resumé and finding employers who will support your immigration application. The Canadian government offers thousands of citizenships to those who want to achieve their dreams. The best place to get a good idea of what the possibilities are is in their guidebook. Resumes have come a long way over the last few years and many job seekers prefer to highlight their employment history in an easy-to-read resume rather than a traditional CV. But what else can you do to enhance your employment options, besides polish up your resume? You should use social media outlets to share why you are seeking work or opportunities in Canada. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, please try to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Cast the spotlight on the experiences that you’ve had and the skills that you have. You can’t afford to waste your time with things like translations if there is no one-on-one conversation at hand. Canadian immigration is not easy, but if you want to speed it up on your end, there are a few items you can work on: 

  1. Polish up your resumé — fill in any gaps, make sure that it showcases only your most recent resumé, and highlight professional experiences that could align with a Canadian employer’s needs.
  2. Have a letter of intent from an employer — one who confirms that they’re interested in hiring you for a position as soon as you land in Canada
  3. Obtain a job offer before getting your USA visa stamp — many employers require this
  4. Make sure to have enough money saved up for your move to Canada



Immigration has always been a daunting task for some. Although not all work offers are equal, everyone can get their foot in the door using the following tips. Only time will tell who really is fast and furious when it comes to Canadian immigration. This blog touches on a number of ways to expedite the application process for Canadian immigration. One such way is by appointing an experienced immigration attorney (instead of hiring a bureau). Other tips include hiring interviewers and submitting freedom of information requests.