Schengen News reports that more than 1.6 million visa applications were denied by Schengen states, representing 15.8 percent of all requests filed in 2023.

With the high no. of rejections faced by people for the Schengen Visa, it is necessary that you carefully consider the guidelines, conditions, and requirements before applying. If you are traveling for business purposes or for spending a vacation in the Schengen area, then there are some things you should know beforehand. Otherwise, you may get a rejected visa and a broken dream to visit the largest free travel area in the world. So, before we understand the common mistakes to avoid when applying for a Schengen travel visa, let us learn what the Schengen area is and its travel visa considerations.

About Schengen Travel Visa

The Schengen Area is a group of 29 European countries that have abolished checking passports or any other type of border checks at their shared borders. All the countries share a common visa policy that makes it possible for people to move around freely.
For instance, you get a visa from France, so now you can travel to Germany, Italy, Spain, or all other 25 countries without needing separate visas for each country.
Another important thing about the Schengen travel visa is the 90/180 rule. It states that you can stay in the Schengen area only for 90 days in a 180-day period. If you enter the Schengen Area on January 1 and stay for 30 days, then leave. This means you can stay for an additional 60 days within the next 150 days since you already utilized 30 of your 90 days in the initial admission.

Some Other Important Facts:

  1. The visa is a short-stay visa (Type C visa). According to the purpose of your trip, the short-stay category C Schengen visa can be:
    Single-Entry Visa
    :  It allows one entry into the Schengen Area. Once you leave, the visa cannot be used to re-enter, even if there are days left within the 90-day limit.
    Double-Entry Visa : Only two entries into the Schengen Area are allowed. After the second exit, the visa cannot be used again.
    Multiple-Entry Visa : Multiple entries and exits within the visa’s validity period, provided the 90/180 rule is adhered to.
  2. The Visa only renews after the 180-day time period has passed of the previous Visa. This rule lets travelers plan their trips more freely within Schengen countries while also making sure that they don’t stay too long in the area.Avoid Mistakes while appling for visa

Avoid Mistakes When applying for a Schengen Travel Visa

The below given data figure represents the share of rejected Schengen visa by member countries last year (2023). If you don’t want your application to get rejected, be careful of these mistakes that we are about to tell you:

Incomplete or incorrect application :
First thing first, When applying for your tourist visa in Schengen, whether through an immigration consultancy or yourself, ensure that you are submitting accurate and complete information. Even if you write any wrong information by mistake or upload an incorrect document, your visa application will be directly rejected. So, before clicking on the submit button, always re-read and check your application.

The passport does not meet the visa requirements :
If you don’t want your visa to get rejected, make sure you comply with these strict passport rules of the European Union. The rules consist of –

  1. The validity of the passport should be six more months beyond the date of your trip.
  2. The passport must be issued within the past ten years of the date the traveler wishes to exit the Schengen country.
  3. Two blank pages must be in the passport and cannot be added later.

Not giving credible proof of funds :
Every country has a minimum bank account balance requirement for travelers. This amount acts as proof of funding for your means of subsistence. According to Schengen Visa Info, Austria requires EUR 100, Germany EUR 45, and France EUR 65 balance per day if you have pre-booked hotel arrangements.
Check the country’s regulations before applying and submit stamped bank statements, credit card statements, and pay stubs. Failure to maintain a bank balance may also result in visa rejection. Make sure you have enough money in the bank for six months and prevent third-party transfers before applying.

Not providing an itinerary/ details about the trip :
One of the most common mistakes that will get your application rejected is having the wrong trip plans (flights, hotel reservations, accommodations, etc.). You should make sure that the application you send is to the right Schengen Area Embassy. Along with travel tickets and copies of hotel bookings for any other Schengen destination you may have planned.

Not having a proper travel insurance cover :
Failing to provide proof that you have enough travel insurance for the whole trip is yet another thing to avoid. Travel insurance is important because it can protect you from unexpected medical costs and other things. Please keep in mind that your Schengen Visa insurance must cover at least 30,000 EUR. If your trip insurance doesn’t cover the days you leave and return, you might not be able to get your Schengen visa. 

Not booking a return ticket :
A return ticket acts as a protective layer, helping you avoid any suspicion and rejection in your visa application. As mentioned earlier your visa is valid only for 90 days, so keep your return tickets booked beforehand.

Pro tip: If you overstay the 90 days within a 180-day period, you may face penalties, including fines, deportation, or future bans from entering the Schengen Area.

Invalid Letter of Reference

If you send a formal letter of reference that doesn’t include the following, it can result in a denied visa –

  • Not authenticated
  • Doesn’t have address or contact information of issuing party
  • Issued before 3 months before the application
  • Missing stamp and signature

Make sure to tick mark all these things when uploading your letter of reference.


If you avoid these common mistakes when applying for a tourist visa in Schengen, you will have a much better chance of having an approved visa. In case you find difficulty in applying for your Schengen travel visa, you can consult  GMRS Consultants for immigration services in Dubai and Qatar.