Cyprus is an attractive place in which to reside, has a warm and stable climate, and is located in a convenient geographical position in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In line with the Cypriot government’s intention to increase foreign investment and to help its economic development, Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations has recently been simplified by the Ministry of Interior in order to issue residence permits to applicants from non-European countries who intend to invest in the republic.

Cyprus Residency Benefits

  • There is a high approval rate if all criteria are satisfied.
  • It is not necessary to reside in Cyprus, but a visit once every two years is required.
  • Dependents can be enrolled in high-quality private schools.
  • Dependent children between 18–25 and parents of the applicant are also eligible.
  • Fast track process.

Cyprus Permanent Residence Program

There are plenty of reasons to choose Cyprus: the warm climate, the reasonable cost of living, the proven low crime figures, the abundance of selections regarding education for foreigners and the health system, the religious freedom and ability to pray in the relevant facilities, the beauty and attractions of the island, the rich list of restaurant choices and others. Real estate investment starts at only Euro 300,000 plus taxes & fee.

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